Off to School We Go!



Mark and I will be Tanzania for the next two weeks. The reason? Participating in an intensive Kiswahili language course. We are looking forward to the challenge of acquiring deeper language skills, all with the purpose of being more able to share the power of Christ’s love to more and more people. We’ve found that our main ministry to educators doesn’t really require swahili….but as more and more opportunities come our way to preach at churches and teach at men’s and women’s conferences we’d like to be more proficient than we are. Please pray that our brains can absorb lots of vocabulary and grammar rules in a short amount of time and that we’ll be well equipped for future speaking opportunities upon our return to Kenya – Mark speaking at men’s conference in Musembe on May 24th and Cathy at a women’s conference in Turbo on May 31st.


About Mark & Cathy Lessig

Missionaries with Advancing Leaders International, serving in East Africa
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2 Responses to Off to School We Go!

  1. Lori Moretti says:

    Baraka tele

  2. Carolyn Hamic says:

    I will certainly be praying hot your language school success! Thanks for all the updates ! Blessings to you!

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