Mombasa Bound!

Frere Town FM Academy students in Mombasa (2007)

Frere Town FM Academy students in Mombasa (2007)

In 2007, while I (Cathy) was a Free Methodist missionary I traveled to Mombasa to visit the FM primary school supported by International Child Care Ministries. I found a lively school with many kids, all anxious and eager to learn. This week Mark and I are heading to Mombasa, this time as ELI missionaries, spending two weeks with the teachers to provide mentoring and support as they seek to bring a biblical focus to their teaching efforts. Please pray for effectiveness, safety, and the ability to creatively guide teachers toward excellence!


About Mark & Cathy Lessig

Missionaries with Advancing Leaders International, serving in East Africa
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2 Responses to Mombasa Bound!

  1. Colleen Costigan says:

    be safe!!! keep me posted on how it goes. praying for you both.


  2. 4hisway7 says:

    Praying your trip and efforts in Mombasa are all you expect. May God be in your midst as you mentor the teachers there and may they receive the rich blessings of you and Mark and all God has prepared for everyone.

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