What did you do in October?

The last month has been an exceptional one for us. “How so?” you might be thinking? For Mark and I (Cathy) it was month spent with people we came to serve, who energize us, cause us to think deeply, and lean heavily on God – teachers!

Umoja Academy teachers on our final day of mentoring

Umoja Academy teachers on our final day of mentoring (Mautuma, Kenya)

What does mentoring involve? In the work place mentoring often takes place among colleagues, especially professionals, who are seeking to gain a broader range of skills or knowledge with the hope of further advancement in their careers.Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.03.06 PM

Mark and I view mentoring in a slightly different way. There are the usual components of discussions, advising and training….and we must acknowledge that we are often older than those we mentor. 🙂  But the part of mentoring that we especially like in our educational ministry is the aspect of discipleship.

Job and Mark discuss a recent science lesson

Job and Mark discuss a recent science lesson

Changing things up in a classroom can be tough. Teaching a lesson in front of another adult requires vulnerability. Searching to understand the significance of learning outcomes as they relate to God requires deep introspection. As we walk alongside teachers who are learning to put into practice things we’ve shared with them in our Education in Christ trainings, we help them to walk more intimately with Christ. Disciples are learners, actively engaged in the process of sharing their lives and learnings with others. Mentoring and discipleship bring lots of exceptional days our way!



About Mark & Cathy Lessig

Missionaries with Advancing Leaders International, serving in East Africa
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