Closed Door, Open Windows

News headlines of strikeThe last few weeks have been interesting ones for us. A nationwide strike in government schools started on August 31st and continued through the whole month of September! Our focus upon government schools was on hold for awhile until God opened a new door for our ministry – a relationship with a group called Kenya Private Schools Association. KPSA represents private schools throughout the country, with several hundred in the greater Eldoret area. We were invited to speak at a KPSA meeting on September 22nd, shortly after the government closed ALL schools in the country. It was a time of tension for school leaders, but we were able to bring a word of encouragement and hope. Speaking about our focus verse, Colossians 2:3, “In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,” revitalized many of the attendees. From that time of sharing we’ve been invited to visit 60 schools, all interested in having us come and train their teachers!

Private school leaders in the Eldoret area gather for encouragement during the national teacher strike

Private school leaders in the Eldoret area gather for encouragement during the national teacher strike

We’ve been visiting schools in Eldoret town and the surrounding countryside to determine which ones God would have us enter into a training/mentoring relationship. We have met with school directors, head teachers, and school owners, and heard their vision for their school. It is exciting to hear these stories as they reveal the “heart” of the school. At Rock Mirror Academy we met with Gladys, owner and manager. She started the school with his husband in the late 1980s and has inspired many students in her slum community. How? By displaying a rock garden showing the names of the many students who have gone on to high school and college (see below right). What a great testimony to children living in poverty; it’s a daily walk past stones that proclaim “You can make it!”. This is powerful in places where families live in hopelessness.

AIC Cornerstone School, Rock Mirror Academy, and Fahamu Primary

AIC Cornerstone School, Rock Mirror Academy, and Fahamu Primary

Another session with Esther at Fahamu School demonstrated how our ministry can help her expand her vision. She sees her young students as faith ambassadors, sending them home each night with a scriptural message and homework for the family to complete together. To date, several have come to her asking about bibles and how to become a Christian! With the training that we offer, helping teachers to teach from God’s Perspective, we feel we can help Esther expand her vision even wider!

How can you be part of the work ahead? If you’d like to help fund a training and mentoring session for a school you can donate to Fund #3 at Advancing Leaders International. Please include a note that your funds are designated toward a school training. For those interested in a more “hands on” approach, pray about volunteering with us in 2016. It’s not too early to contact us! We are currently working on our calendar for next year and planning with schools, both primary and secondary. If you’re interested in assisting for approximately a month in Kenya, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at or by connecting with the USA director of our ministry at



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  1. Carolyn Hamic says:

    This is a great update! Praying for you and the teachers right now! Love, Carolyn

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