Christmas Blessings from the Lessigs!

Our Kenyan home is full of reminders of our Savior's birth!

Our Kenyan home is full of reminders and symbols of our Savior’s birth!

Our Nov/Dec newsletter is finally written! The last couple of months have been particularly busy, with some unexpected travels and family events that impacted us. If you’d like to read our current e-update, click here. We are looking forward to the days ahead. Christmas Eve, reading our bibles by the fire. Christmas Day celebrating with friends with a festive bar-b-que lunch at our home. Saturday, hosting a men’s bible study, then Sunday driving south to Lake Naivasha for a week of relaxation.

If you are not receiving our updates, and you’d like to, please contact us by email. We’d be delighted to add you to our e-update list! If you are interested in donating to our ministry, funds can be given through FUND #3 at the Advancing Leaders International website.

Our advent candles, with a Kenyan flair!

Our advent candles, with a Kenyan flair!


About Mark & Cathy Lessig

Missionaries with Advancing Leaders International, serving in East Africa
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One Response to Christmas Blessings from the Lessigs!

  1. Kistler says:

    Hi Cathy and Mark, Computers are wonderful – because they can take us right into your home in Kenya!!! Amazing!!! It’s so neat to be able to see your mix of Christmas decorations – as you celebrate our Savior’s birth – on the other side of the world. It makes us feel close to you – to know that you’re probably reading the same scriptures about Jesus and his predicted coming to earth as a baby and hanging similar ornaments on your Jesse Tree as we are!!! Even though we’re separated by thousands of miles, we’re close in our hearts as we both worship and celebrate the birth of our Savior!! God is sooo good!

    We had a nice Christmas day. Julie and Ron were here in the morning and then we had some of my family and some of Kenny’s here in the evening. Julie was able to be here in the evening which is a huge praise because often in the past, she has not felt well enough to come. We celebrated with our “adopted” boys and their parents on Saturday and that was lots of fun. They spent the afternoon with us and we even played Apples to Apples together. (Usually they’re just here for a short time because they have somewhere else to run to.)

    We had Matthew overnight this week which we of course just loved!!! He’s almost six years old and is in kindergarten so we don’t get to have him nearly as much as we used to and we miss him! He’s growing up so fast. His oldest brother, Drew, turned 13 on Christmas Eve. So, to celebrate that special birthday and how special he is, we’re taking just him on a special birthday adventure. There is a show in NJ called Medieval Times where we will see knights jousting while we eat a typical medieval meal (without utensils!!) We’re looking forward to spending the day just with him and we’re hoping that he really has a great time. His brother, Chase, was looking over Drew’s shoulder as he read the gift certificate we gave him about this trip and he said “you’re taking JUST Drew????” He knows we always take all them of them, but he understood when Kenny explained about 13 being a very special birthday and that we’ll take just him in two years when he turns 13.

    We will have Christmas dinner with my family this coming Sunday – so that too will be special. We still have both my parents with us so we feel very blessed. They love to come here before Christmas every year and decorate cutout Christmas cookies. It’s become a treasured tradition that we look forward to each year! Thanks for sharing your praises last week, as you traveled to your vacation spot. We rejoiced with you over how God watched over you and provided just what you needed as your were traveling!!! We hope you had a wonderful time of relaxation before you begin you very busy 2016 schedule.

    We continue to pray for you as you seek the Lord’s will as to where He wants to you minister and train teachers in critical thinking. We’re praying that you both remain healthy and have the strength to do all He is calling you to do.

    Cathy – how are you doing following the passing away of your precious mother? We know that even though you can rejoice that she is with Jesus, there still is a whole left in everyone’s heart now that she is gone. How is your Dad doing? I’m sure he’s lost without his sweetheart.

    How is Kimberly? We think of her often as she is in college. We’re sure it must be VERY hard to be so far from her, especially during the holiday.

    As Kenny and I prayed together this morning, he said he is not sorry to see the year 2015 end. It certainly has been a very challenging year for him and the both of us. He still has not been able to find a job. He has sent out soooo many resumes and job applications and most of the time he never even hears back from the employers. It’s quite discouraging. We’re pretty sure the main problem is his age – and that’s something he can’t change. We continue to pray and ask the Lord for wisdom as to where He want Kenny to work, or if He wants him to work or what He wants him to do. It is a little scary – just watching our small savings getting smaller and smaller. We have no idea what 2016 will hold but we continue to trust in the One who is Sovereign and the One who holds our future in His hands.

    Guess that’s all the news for now. We pray for you both – all the time. May you have a blessed New Year!!!

    Your praying friends in PA, Eileen and Ken

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